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Discover our special holiday offer, which brings a unique culinary experience, perfect for special events!

Unleash your team's appetite for success with us!

In the realm of business, it is widely recognised that optimal decisions are made within a calm
and cozy setting. Typically, around the table. The Petry Urban Grill menu is carefully prepared
by our chefs, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients from Transylvania, for the most
refined dishes.

Why choose Petry Urban Grill for your next event?

We are always open to new culinary experiences. However, to achieve perfection, we have an
ally - the Josper oven. This is where your experimental journey begins. From an innovative oven
fueled by charcoal and carefully selected ingredients.
That's exactly what you need in business as well. A little inspiration, an ally, and a dose of
courage to experiment. And plenty of knowledge. We share many similarities indeed.


Interior with a capacity of 80 seats
Menu created by experienced chefs
Exceptional service
Parking spots

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